The Open Institute V2 is taking place in Funchal, Madeira island’s capital, Portugal. Madeira offers a compelling combination of all year round warm temperatures, breath-taking scenery, great food, a relaxed lifestyle and rich local colour. The picturesque city of Funchal has a port and promenade, quaint and narrow winding streets, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.

How to get here

Madeira is well connected to the continent with regular short hop flights to Lisbon International Airport, and less frequent direct connections to other major cities in Portugal and to London, Amsterdam, Berlin and other European cities. It has a modern airport 25 km from the center of Funchal, the capital city, and possesses a safe and modern network of highways and tunnels which facilitate rapid travel by car.

Portuguese national carrier is TAP. Funchal also enjoys direct connections to much of Europe and beyond through carriers such as AirBerlin(Germany), Easyjet (UK), Transavia (France) and SATA (Ireland, Denmark, Sweden).
To get to and from the airport you can:

We strongly recommend the Open Institute V2 attendees to fly into Madeira two days before the conference, as due to specific meteorological conditions, flights to the island get canceled or delayed quite often.