Program and Registration

We are still finalizing the program: more information soon!

  • M-ITI and TIPI – UTAustin extended the deadline for applying to “Open in a time of closure” until Nov. 8th    Applicants will be notified by November 15.
  • Lectures will be public and open to the wider M-ITI and Madeiran community. No registration is required.
  • In order to register to the workshops,  M-ITI  community members  are invited to write a short paragraph (200 words) explaining how their research is a fit with this conference theme. This must be sent to  no later than November 22nd. M-ITI applicants will be notified by 30 Nov.


  • Call for Proposals: Digital Media Workshops @ Open Institute V2 

Do you have a special open skill or context that others in the PDMP would be interested in? Graduate students and faculty are invited to propose workshops for Open Institute V2: Open in a Time of Closure, happening in Madeira Dec. 15-20. Several workshops are already planned, run by experts in open science and technology, activism, and hacking. One day is set aside for peer-led workshops, with parallel sessions in the morning and afternoon. Your proposals will be selected by peers through a preferential voting system, and the top 4-6 will be chosen. To make your proposal please provide one page (exactly) of description – with sketches, text, links, or anything else that would help illustrate the workshop – as a PDF document. Your peers will be choosing based on this document, so it should have all the information they need to make their decision. In this one page be sure to provide the who/what/why/schedule of the workshop, give a sense of anything the participants would need to do to prepare,and  list anything they should bring with them. If you need resources to run the workshop, please contact

We look forward to you proposals!