Organizers & Sponsors

The Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI) is a non-profit innovation institute of the University of Madeira (UMa), emerging from the association of the University of Madeira, the Regional Agency for RTD+I and Carnegie Mellon University. It is located in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Portugal.

M-ITI was conceived in 2000, formally integrated as a research group in 2007, and established as an Innovation Institute in 2010. M-ITI has also been a member of the national Laboratory for Robotics and Systems in Engineering and Science (LARSyS) since 2011. M-ITI is a centre of design for global change, creating socio-technical systems suited to holistic challenges, in particular: the distribution and use of natural resources, the societal and personal use of energy, global inequality of resources and opportunities, and the relationship of production and consumption, as they all require serious reform.  As a multi-disciplinary centre combining natural and social scientists, engineers, humanists, designers, and artists, its output are be focused on the area of applied science and human-centred technology.


The Technology and Information Policy Institute  (TIPI) is  one of the oldest institutions at the Moody College of Communication (University of Texas at Austin). TIPI was established in May 1996 and provides world-class expertise in researching the social impact of new communications technologies and media forms like immersive media, virtual reality, social media, and digital games. TIPI’s work within the Moody College of Communication drives innovative approaches and research on pertinent topics like Big Data Visualization, the Digital Divide, Broadband for All, and Smart Technology Transfer locally, regionally and internationally. TIPI has a 10-year funded research agenda with the Portuguese government to strengthen, build and innovate their digital media needs. TIPI serves as a bridge for bringing both faculty and students to engage in research, teaching and outreach.


The Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT) sponsors the Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies (CoLab) initiative as part of the UT Austin|Portugal Program to increase academic programs and research in emerging technologies across the nation of Portugal. The program first launched on March 22, 2006, and was recently renewed through the end of 2017. This cross-disciplinary effort is coordinated by the Office of the Vice President for Research at The University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with the IC² Institute.

CoLab seeks to enhance Portuguese scientific and technological capacity and to reinforce the international reach of leading Portuguese universities and scientific institutions.